Dr Gustave Haai
Comprehensive health care services and complete care for the whole family. 



Dr Gustave Haai provides a range of comprehensive health care services. 

Services include Family, Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Trauma and Emergency Medicine as well as minor surgical procedures (includes excision of moles, skin cysts, removal of toenails and suturing of lacerations).

Dr. Gustave Haai is part of Emergency Room Practitioners of Paarl Medi Clinic and more serious trauma or medical emergencies could be treated there if necessary.



The practice is equipped with modern patient monitoring equipment like Dynamap Blood pressure monitoring device, ECG, Spirometry, Treadmill for effort ECG. All the equipment is calibrated to international standards.



Equipment Sterilisation
Other equipment such as needles and syringes are at used one and disposed of. These patients may feel comfortable that infection control procedures in this surgery are of the highest standards. Medical waste and Biohazard waste.


Home Visits

This practice will always strive to accommodate home visits to those patients that truly requires it. The home visits will be reserved for the completely bedridden patients, oncology (cancer) patients, Hospice patients and demented patients. Patients or family can discuss the home visits request with the doctor.


Results of Special investigations

Doctor will instruct patients when to call for results and doctor will inform patient of results personally. If the doctor is busy at time of phone call he will try to call back as soon as possible. The patients must also take the responsibility to make sure that they get the results. If the doctor can not be reached on phone they are welcome to visit practice to get the results personally.